The video was the Sabres Hockey Jersey

I'm sure there will be more to come but any additional news will get its own post. And speaking of new posts, tomorrow is Friday the 13th so how could I not try to scare you a little bit? Stay tuned for a Freak Out Friday of some sort. I'm not a big fan of pink in general, but for a one-time thing, I think it looks quite good in moderated amounts, like the Reign. I actually think that without the shin-ribbons it'd be a Cheap NHL Sabres jerseyfor alternate use occasionally. The solid pink from the Bulls doesn't cut it for me though. I realize it's for a good cause and all that, but almost completely pink is a little too much for me. Is there not a way to honor breast cancer with all we have, without looking like 'pansies on ice'? When is the NFL going to sport pink uni's and helmets? wearing pink is different entirely if its for a good cause. i personally don't think they look like "pansies on ice". they're doing it for a good cause and i see nothing wrong with that. now if you think the NHL is immune to that stripy nonsense. The following night, Montreal Canadiens stepped out against the Boston Bruins wearing something that went out of style nearly 100 years ago. Sadly the Wings did lose that night, the players hated them along with the fans. The Pups were messing with out guys, but their jerseys look ugly as well with the baby blue and whatever that logo is supposed to be. They did this again this year in the NHL and we won this time, but the Cheap nhl hockey jersey still sucked.
As long as there are trying to check one another through the glass its hard to call them pansies. And Ron, those scratch and sniff patterns have already been put to use on all the new NHL uniforms. If you scratch the Reebok logo it smells like money. you say the goalie pads looking goofy? In action it looked like the laundry guys accidentally mixed a few red socks in with the laundry and the team had to either skate naked or in the pink washed home MLB Boston Red Sox Jersey. I totally wish I was kidding. The Wings actually took the ice against the Bloomington PrairieThunder looking like this. I think I need to set up a new section of Icethetics. Worst. Game-worn jerseys. Coming soon. on that same night, the NHL was humiliating itself as well when for no apparent reason the team from Las Vegas decided to stick its nose into the issues with the Illinois governor nearly a continent away. I told you about this last month and posted mock-ups of the specialty jerseys for Rod Blagojevich Night. HockeyLister: its the jersey that the Habs work in like 1913-14 or something like that. with it being the centennial year they are wearing throwbacks for certain games. a fun fact about those jerseys though: during the time the Habs were wearing those, the original Ottawa Senators were wearing similar jerseys. well Ottawa complained to the League about it and how they cant tell whos who when they play each other and how its a rip off, etc. well the League said that when Ottawa and Montreal play one another, Montreal must wear a different jersey. the prison jerseys remind me of a retarded hockey version of Longest Yard. the black and white jerseys to look similar to the Blackhawks original jerseys from the 20's. the Jersey the arose from this was the red MLB Phillies Jersey design that is currently worn in Montreal.
The problem with the habs unis are the thinness of the stripes combined with the colors. in black and white, the sweaters don't look bad. the senators barber pole doesn't look bad, but those. I hate corporate advertising on philadelphia flyers jersey Jaromir Jagr, but at least Kalamazoo went all out and did the look correctly. as for the wranglers...is it bad that i actually like the monochrome stripes in a very old school way? I would not be opposed to a minor league team wearing something like that full time. those are hard on the eyes, with the exception of the solid blue box for the back numbers, which were surprisingly easy to read. But I want to see more pictures of that yellow ice. I've played on rinks where the creases were yellow but an entirely yellow rink sounds disgusting. Isn't there a US college that plays on a blue football field? Boise State I think. It would be so weird playing on a ice surface that isn't white. I figured the Mexican Primera soccer league was the worst, but this McDonald's crap takes the win by far and away. But seriously, I watched them play in them on TV that day, from afar, they look like Leafs Players in Purple and white with a hint of red. I thought the Habs' jerseys were fine at first, until I tried to watch them moving on the screen. At that point my eyes twisted in on themselves and ripped a hole in time and space, allowing me to travel back to 1912 and slap the guy who designed those sweaters. This is probably the only way you see a Maple Leaf on a Cheap Hockey Jersey today, wear a throwback from before the Toronto team was known as the Leafs.

Regard to the new crop of third jerseys

Before you ask, I do hope to return to all of our other features, including the NHL. That is a great project and I would like to see it through. However I do not have a timetable. Just keep checking back for more information. know a lot of folks enjoyed the Concept Art aspect of Icethetics, so that is the first feature I'm going to reincorporate. Good to have you back, Chris. I've checked the blog almost every day since you went on hiatus for anything new. Let's hope your first acts are finally declaring the winner of the Flashback 98 Tourney and bringing in the latest thridCheap Winnipeg Jets news. Maybe while you're at it you could announce a new tournament. If you've got artwork worth posting, send it my way. Good to have you back, Chris. I've checked the blog almost every day since you went on hiatus for anything new. Let's hope your first acts are finally declaring the winner of the Flashback 98 Tourney and bringing in the latest youth hunter pence jersey phillies news. Maybe while you're at it you could announce a new tournament. Great to see you back. There must be some third-jersey concepts floating around the NHL board rooms. Can't wait to see what's new this year.
if only Chris will keep it simple in the beginning and tie up all the loose ends before new projects and third mlb Blue Jays Jersey for sale news starts flying. Should be simple, keep all voting time lines short. I think the regulars here check it daily so no need for voting to be more than a couple of days. Seeing that Johnny is my future life partner, its important for the him to get along with Chris. Maybe Icethetics could like into the Puckdrawn forum and expand on that little community. For the most part the people who follow Puckdrawn came over from Icethetics... plus it gets lonely in there sometimes. Glad to see you back Chris, I've been checking Icethetics once a week since February. I can't wait for the resurrection of Icethetics. On a side note, will the sign in feature for existing accounts be put again, or will we have to create new ones? Once again, welcome back buddy! I discovered this site back when it was still NHL Tournament of Logos. The secondary logo tourney had just finished and the Quest for the Worst was about to begin. I checked out all the freak out posts, all your other stuff, even Matt's rebrands. Seriously. You were awesome then, and you're awesome now. Love it that you're back. Then again, for all we know you spent the whole summer strangling dragonflies, so I'm a bit worried you've lost your stuff in that time. But even if you have, this is still awesome. I can't wait until it's all back. Welcome back, though are you officially here to stay or once the third Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey Cheapspeculation is over, what avenues will you continue with?
Not that I was one of them, but were members who financial contributed to supporting your website restituted?I can finally change my homepage to something other than NHL.com. I was afraid you were just gonna leave this site to die but thanks for bringing it back!but I don't really understand why we switched from a blog in the first place. Yeah, this is easier to navigate, but blogs are free and easier to run, Wow Smeens you really are an asshole. People paid your right, however he did bring it back. I can't believe your bitching. You obviously cared enough to check back to see if it was up yet, and i guarantee you will continue to come here, But to call him a crook!? Your a joke you really are. and don't have to be shut down. I vote back to the blog format, just because I hate to lose Icethetics due to financial problems. Anyway, glad your back Chris, im happy puckdrawn grabbed the reigns while you were gone, hopefully you can return to your previous glory. and he took down the site for monthes, look how great this site is, one post over a week ago saying it was back,yet no concepts, news or anything! NHL Winnipeg Jets Jerseys is way better than this site.


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Each season the Bailey Button UGGs let people in both styles of love, Garment also needs to be different for each quarter of Bailey Button UGGs to match. Selected Bailey Button UGGs, fashion can be more stunning. In this autumn and winter season, Bailey Button UGGs are the most popular, to select appropriate winter boots is to proceed from the style. Handsome, core is the fall/winter 2011 men Bailey Button UGGs main styles, while tie coat and able pants. If is the black color of clothing, in match to avoid strong contrast when Bailey Button UGGs, mix of black is the most secure choice. Handsome and cool Bailey Button UGGs to wear in the feet which fully comply with the handsome cool dress up. What are you waiting for, come on and pick a pair meet you Bailey Button UGGs!

With the gradual cooling of the season, Women Classic UGG Boots plays for street fashion items. If you look you will find this year, most boomers UGGs Boots are not UGG Classic Boots, ankle boots, buckles and boots, but the famous Classic Boot. By Martin Bailey Button UGGs leads many short boots has become popular in this autumn, wood! still in worrying about what to wear girl is entirely should not HA, a pair of Classic Boot immediately lifts you up in the handsome! it has one great advantage: even if it is already in your feet get very old very old, still very beautiful, very handsome. How to complete a pair of handsome Classic Boot the trend of wearing out their personalities? try following those paragraphs!

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Classic Tall Boot And jeans is best partners, show personality will such wearing take has! Brown of leather and detailed of carved let Bailey Button UGGs child very IN Oh! side zipper design very intimate! a full black of dress up match a section Leopard sheath playing DIKU very Rob mirror 's! black of UGG Classic Boots, side zipper design, long strips of Bailey Button UGGs with, fine work let you gas field full! now is popular this "Shang wide Xia narrow" Wear law: thick coats put on a short dress and matching boots pants &UGGs Boots, thin and tall! this pair of Brown Classic Boot just added elastic in one ' s bloody mouth position, both warm and let you be easier!

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Such of commuter dress up is many OL are like of match way Oh! jacket to are loaded said one, Xia loaded match leisure trousers and UGG Classic Boots, both combination let you has rich charm! Yes! to wanted to in winter wearing was explicit thin and high pick, will such wearing has! fear cold of women can told vest replaced a pieces down jacket Oh! match Shang this double wide Cardy UGG Boots slightly frosted leather Classic Boot is very good!


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From New York to London, from Milan to Paris, spring/summer 2012 four fashion week came to an end, Chaozhou people looking forward to the coming next spring has numerous annual fashion week will give me a different feeling of fresh, so while we watched from close to trend, fashion for reference. Today our online inventory 2012 Classic Boots top ten popular elements in spring and summer, they will be spring and summer of next year's hottest pop points.

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Dressing gown by glittering sequins elements, surfaces with broken gold shining light flashes, combination of yarn quality of light transparent fabrics and elegant silky wrinkle silk fabrics, fresh and there is no lack of noble, sexy and elegant.

From national wind psychedelic to traditional flowers, flowers to decorate clothes for us just in the past, and this year the show you will find not only of Teng have petals and green leaves of plants or nice as a pattern so that Cheap UGG Classic Boots For women no longer alone, after all, green leaf-lined red flowers are the most beautiful.

Decorative skirt elements are characterized by this season are not buttons, nylon material lighter and well-pressed, from the chest to the waist, slowly went down the line, in the most slender waist line following is petals the same feminine waist GATHERING. These folds so that a woman can freely breathe without fear of hitting below the ups and downs, can be regarded as on the female body the most poetic gloss it over.

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Passion Orange jump from the fall and winter of animated summer brings to brilliant and spring needle one might think that, in the afternoon sun glare, and makes instant emotional fired up, a single Orange enough tension, gives warm feeling, if you want to join the affinity of a few minutes for a few minutes, you want to dress up as neighbors sister, you can select the UGG Classic Boots printed Orange Oh.

White UGG Classic boot is the best foil against the stars shining light. It embodies the noble and elegant women's temperament, also can use the details to reflect elements of fashion. In fact, wearing white Classic Boots girls, can be a Princess.


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Summary winter UGG Classic boots several large dressed points years to winter UGG Clasicc boots fashion seemed means a large plate, increasingly more to Keyword a effort touch does not to clue, actually years winter UGG Classic boots to set combination has various different era to classic elements, from era to era, to. let we side nostalgia side see fashion. new uniforms style double row buckle coat green color double row buckle coat undecided price high with sandals sweet to dressed in this year to popular stage in the occupy with a I location,But a lot of girls are not willing to try too much, because of the bad dress to suspect there will be a load tender, don't worry, here let us come together to learn. This refers to classical China bearing dress, UGG Classic Tall wool ugg boots green pretty love there is no hiding place.

If beauty were has see had winter love song to words, should on inside efforts imprint on one's mind to love special moved, UGG wool Classic boots Association think winter should means romantic to ambience. so, UGG on means best to select. but has to beauty and will think winter wearing UGG too cold has, following I to for members describes to UGG are means insulation sexual strong to hair cashmere, let you a entire winter are can in both warm and romantic to feelings Xia spent. tiered to set highlight has lively to us girls bearing, thick thick to hair cashmere create has special soft to touch , Softly like snow. Official website naturally wear UGG Classic Tall in the pelvis, staged layered with folds, forming a wavy line, elegant happy. each is not the same length, have a particular sense of rhythm, to maximize female beauty. UGG to length only to knee above, on is leg more slender. ash color means this winter to first fashion color, regardless of means t stage, also means shop in the, Association appeared [ash color] to figure, therefore popular to you how can missed does. but means ash color if dressed improper will is old, therefore edit to you some small recommendations, help you using ash color playing pretty this winter. the whole body to ash color dressed often will is square, plus a section bright to sweater chain on new year's day quickly on to has, Festive mass-happy Earth. wear UGG Classic boots with what China's official website, dressed what kind of accessories for the most appropriate atmosphere which happily. this carefully prepared for you a new year a week total body dressed up, allowing you to easily go to the party, no longer have to worry about what clothes to wear. dressed in black and white classic, colored skirt of high national colors in the color

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Nicer would that have looked on a Hockey Jersey

Black fоr the Kings works, for the Islanders, I'm not sure. They muѕt bе trуing to look likе thе Mets or something. I have heard thе isles wіll be dоіng sоmеthіng with а black Cheap Hockey Jerseys, I dо want tо make a point that the NY Mets hаve the sаmе colors as the Islanders рlus black. They make іt work аnd havе made it work for years, mаybе thе Islanders will go wіth sоmеthіng that takes hints frоm a Mets jersey. Actually imagine this, tаke thе Islanders road white jersey, now make white black. аnd tаke the Islanders original helmet decal from whеn they introduced the nоw home Tampa Bay Lightning Jersey (Islanders іn script) aсroѕs the front wіth thе Islanders crest on the shoulders. I саn't imagine that lookіng terrible.
First of all, I'm a Vancouver Islander ѕо I'm pretty pumped abоut thе WHL coming to Victoria. The logo's pretty lame. I like thе nаmе (in fact, I voted for Royals) beсause іt suit Victoria verу wеll аnd іt's unique іn thаt thеrе'ѕ so few Vancouver Canucks Team Jerseys wіth thе name. I also felt likе thе name hаd a lot of potential for а unique colour set аnd logo. Obviously, thеy kind of dropped the ball оn thе unique front. I'm able tо оvеr look thе Cheap NHL Jersey ѕіnсe it seеms to just bе а place-holder but blue, silver, and black? Come on! I wаs hopping fоr ѕomething a lіttle mоre original lіke purple аnd gold. With LA gоіng back to black аnd silver, thе Royals would be the only team with thіѕ colour scheme. Actually, I thіnk theу'd bе the only team with purple, period. In the leagues I follow, anyway.
I'm disappointed by the colours but the logo's almоst aѕ bad. It's sо busy. Drop the wordmark аnd thе maple leaf and іt would bе а оkаy logo. We're part оf the CANADIAN Hockey League and your team's called the Royals - I'm guessing your from Canada! There's аlrеady tоо mаnу teams wіth maple leafs оn them. Some originality please! And I'm nоt а fan of wordmarks on logos but I'm reallу not а fan of wordmarks thаt аre boring. Like ѕоmeone elsе said, if уоu nееd a wordmark, at lеаst make іt a lіttle mоrе heraldic looking. Simplifying thіs logo wоuld gо а long wаy but, at the ѕamе time, mіght make іt loоk mоre likе the Royal Bank logo. Again wіth the unoriginal!
I don't think thе logo's bad. I agree wіth most оf the people аbove mе that I'd likе it bеttеr withоut thе wordmark оn thе front аnd I would've likеd tо havе sееn a Blue Jays Jerseys design, though thе white version will hаve to bе unique, will іt not? Unless thеy pick аnоther winnipeg jets Home jersey frоm a different, non-matching set. The Maple Leaf tattoo оn thе lion's shoulder would bе bеtter if it wаsn't on there...or if the MLB Jerseys reflected іt (red maple leaf shoulder patch wіth Kansas City Royals-like "Royals" script аcroѕs іt maybe?). It's nоt bad аt all, but it'ѕ nоt great either. It lооks likе іf thеy hаd an extra month іt wоuld bе great, but I guess deadlines аrе deadlines.


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Boots color in autumn and winter as not color in spring and summer, but bought a Classic Boot, it is the essential thing for autumn and winter. Givenchy's Classic Tall Boot series, has been well received by celebrities like the blessing, the contours of Boston package neutral style package, its solid box-shaped curve design adds sense of design. This season, designer in autumn and winter in to mention zipper on metal inlay, or in solid arc is labelled a metal ring, annotate metal rock and roll style. Men rarely use UGG Classic Boots, there are 4 UGG Classic Boots is the ultimate classic men may not know UGG Classic Boots. Following an integral part of small series to introduce you to the men's ultimate UGG Classic Boots.

UGG Classic Boots designed by designer UGG Boots not only continues the consistent style of UGG Boots--Chun shuai free, more male UGG Classic Boots is the latest trend of new indicators for high taste men Shi to create another favorite. In fact, as early as ad years, UGG Boots on the establishment of the costume shop and be well known throughout the world, therefore, has become the unique logo of UGG Boots dress. Nino UGG now Boots again very meaningful as UGG Boots UGG Classic Boots series first men set off a trend, his unique design style like clothes like UGG Boots, UGG Classic Boots is elegant and full of scholarliness of the interpretation of men. He has a good educational background, work and conduct, is a standard typical of males. UGG Boots UGG Classic Boots to launch immediately won the annual package design awards, let the breath of the UGG Classic Boots with you with sweet and sour lemon walking in Italy's streets!

Acqua di GIO men and sweet fragrance and skin integration, close to coming out like a fragrant with fresh, bold using a variety of new fragrance, take on a different style, more prominent it beyond doubt and masculinity. Bottle packaging picked a m color purity of shape, match detail of metal bottle caps with integrated power and beauty, and the elegant showcase men's fashion sense; matte matte body is fresh and emotional, perfectly set off ARMANI style.