The video was the Sabres Hockey Jersey

I'm sure there will be more to come but any additional news will get its own post. And speaking of new posts, tomorrow is Friday the 13th so how could I not try to scare you a little bit? Stay tuned for a Freak Out Friday of some sort. I'm not a big fan of pink in general, but for a one-time thing, I think it looks quite good in moderated amounts, like the Reign. I actually think that without the shin-ribbons it'd be a Cheap NHL Sabres jerseyfor alternate use occasionally. The solid pink from the Bulls doesn't cut it for me though. I realize it's for a good cause and all that, but almost completely pink is a little too much for me. Is there not a way to honor breast cancer with all we have, without looking like 'pansies on ice'? When is the NFL going to sport pink uni's and helmets? wearing pink is different entirely if its for a good cause. i personally don't think they look like "pansies on ice". they're doing it for a good cause and i see nothing wrong with that. now if you think the NHL is immune to that stripy nonsense. The following night, Montreal Canadiens stepped out against the Boston Bruins wearing something that went out of style nearly 100 years ago. Sadly the Wings did lose that night, the players hated them along with the fans. The Pups were messing with out guys, but their jerseys look ugly as well with the baby blue and whatever that logo is supposed to be. They did this again this year in the NHL and we won this time, but the Cheap nhl hockey jersey still sucked.
As long as there are trying to check one another through the glass its hard to call them pansies. And Ron, those scratch and sniff patterns have already been put to use on all the new NHL uniforms. If you scratch the Reebok logo it smells like money. you say the goalie pads looking goofy? In action it looked like the laundry guys accidentally mixed a few red socks in with the laundry and the team had to either skate naked or in the pink washed home MLB Boston Red Sox Jersey. I totally wish I was kidding. The Wings actually took the ice against the Bloomington PrairieThunder looking like this. I think I need to set up a new section of Icethetics. Worst. Game-worn jerseys. Coming soon. on that same night, the NHL was humiliating itself as well when for no apparent reason the team from Las Vegas decided to stick its nose into the issues with the Illinois governor nearly a continent away. I told you about this last month and posted mock-ups of the specialty jerseys for Rod Blagojevich Night. HockeyLister: its the jersey that the Habs work in like 1913-14 or something like that. with it being the centennial year they are wearing throwbacks for certain games. a fun fact about those jerseys though: during the time the Habs were wearing those, the original Ottawa Senators were wearing similar jerseys. well Ottawa complained to the League about it and how they cant tell whos who when they play each other and how its a rip off, etc. well the League said that when Ottawa and Montreal play one another, Montreal must wear a different jersey. the prison jerseys remind me of a retarded hockey version of Longest Yard. the black and white jerseys to look similar to the Blackhawks original jerseys from the 20's. the Jersey the arose from this was the red MLB Phillies Jersey design that is currently worn in Montreal.
The problem with the habs unis are the thinness of the stripes combined with the colors. in black and white, the sweaters don't look bad. the senators barber pole doesn't look bad, but those. I hate corporate advertising on philadelphia flyers jersey Jaromir Jagr, but at least Kalamazoo went all out and did the look correctly. as for the wranglers...is it bad that i actually like the monochrome stripes in a very old school way? I would not be opposed to a minor league team wearing something like that full time. those are hard on the eyes, with the exception of the solid blue box for the back numbers, which were surprisingly easy to read. But I want to see more pictures of that yellow ice. I've played on rinks where the creases were yellow but an entirely yellow rink sounds disgusting. Isn't there a US college that plays on a blue football field? Boise State I think. It would be so weird playing on a ice surface that isn't white. I figured the Mexican Primera soccer league was the worst, but this McDonald's crap takes the win by far and away. But seriously, I watched them play in them on TV that day, from afar, they look like Leafs Players in Purple and white with a hint of red. I thought the Habs' jerseys were fine at first, until I tried to watch them moving on the screen. At that point my eyes twisted in on themselves and ripped a hole in time and space, allowing me to travel back to 1912 and slap the guy who designed those sweaters. This is probably the only way you see a Maple Leaf on a Cheap Hockey Jersey today, wear a throwback from before the Toronto team was known as the Leafs.

Regard to the new crop of third jerseys

Before you ask, I do hope to return to all of our other features, including the NHL. That is a great project and I would like to see it through. However I do not have a timetable. Just keep checking back for more information. know a lot of folks enjoyed the Concept Art aspect of Icethetics, so that is the first feature I'm going to reincorporate. Good to have you back, Chris. I've checked the blog almost every day since you went on hiatus for anything new. Let's hope your first acts are finally declaring the winner of the Flashback 98 Tourney and bringing in the latest thridCheap Winnipeg Jets news. Maybe while you're at it you could announce a new tournament. If you've got artwork worth posting, send it my way. Good to have you back, Chris. I've checked the blog almost every day since you went on hiatus for anything new. Let's hope your first acts are finally declaring the winner of the Flashback 98 Tourney and bringing in the latest youth hunter pence jersey phillies news. Maybe while you're at it you could announce a new tournament. Great to see you back. There must be some third-jersey concepts floating around the NHL board rooms. Can't wait to see what's new this year.
if only Chris will keep it simple in the beginning and tie up all the loose ends before new projects and third mlb Blue Jays Jersey for sale news starts flying. Should be simple, keep all voting time lines short. I think the regulars here check it daily so no need for voting to be more than a couple of days. Seeing that Johnny is my future life partner, its important for the him to get along with Chris. Maybe Icethetics could like into the Puckdrawn forum and expand on that little community. For the most part the people who follow Puckdrawn came over from Icethetics... plus it gets lonely in there sometimes. Glad to see you back Chris, I've been checking Icethetics once a week since February. I can't wait for the resurrection of Icethetics. On a side note, will the sign in feature for existing accounts be put again, or will we have to create new ones? Once again, welcome back buddy! I discovered this site back when it was still NHL Tournament of Logos. The secondary logo tourney had just finished and the Quest for the Worst was about to begin. I checked out all the freak out posts, all your other stuff, even Matt's rebrands. Seriously. You were awesome then, and you're awesome now. Love it that you're back. Then again, for all we know you spent the whole summer strangling dragonflies, so I'm a bit worried you've lost your stuff in that time. But even if you have, this is still awesome. I can't wait until it's all back. Welcome back, though are you officially here to stay or once the third Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey Cheapspeculation is over, what avenues will you continue with?
Not that I was one of them, but were members who financial contributed to supporting your website restituted?I can finally change my homepage to something other than NHL.com. I was afraid you were just gonna leave this site to die but thanks for bringing it back!but I don't really understand why we switched from a blog in the first place. Yeah, this is easier to navigate, but blogs are free and easier to run, Wow Smeens you really are an asshole. People paid your right, however he did bring it back. I can't believe your bitching. You obviously cared enough to check back to see if it was up yet, and i guarantee you will continue to come here, But to call him a crook!? Your a joke you really are. and don't have to be shut down. I vote back to the blog format, just because I hate to lose Icethetics due to financial problems. Anyway, glad your back Chris, im happy puckdrawn grabbed the reigns while you were gone, hopefully you can return to your previous glory. and he took down the site for monthes, look how great this site is, one post over a week ago saying it was back,yet no concepts, news or anything! NHL Winnipeg Jets Jerseys is way better than this site.


Selected on a pair of Classic Boots,2011 that makes you more in autumn and winter fashion

Cheap bailey button
Each season the Bailey Button UGGs let people in both styles of love, Garment also needs to be different for each quarter of Bailey Button UGGs to match. Selected Bailey Button UGGs, fashion can be more stunning. In this autumn and winter season, Bailey Button UGGs are the most popular, to select appropriate winter boots is to proceed from the style. Handsome, core is the fall/winter 2011 men Bailey Button UGGs main styles, while tie coat and able pants. If is the black color of clothing, in match to avoid strong contrast when Bailey Button UGGs, mix of black is the most secure choice. Handsome and cool Bailey Button UGGs to wear in the feet which fully comply with the handsome cool dress up. What are you waiting for, come on and pick a pair meet you Bailey Button UGGs!

With the gradual cooling of the season, Women Classic UGG Boots plays for street fashion items. If you look you will find this year, most boomers UGGs Boots are not UGG Classic Boots, ankle boots, buckles and boots, but the famous Classic Boot. By Martin Bailey Button UGGs leads many short boots has become popular in this autumn, wood! still in worrying about what to wear girl is entirely should not HA, a pair of Classic Boot immediately lifts you up in the handsome! it has one great advantage: even if it is already in your feet get very old very old, still very beautiful, very handsome. How to complete a pair of handsome Classic Boot the trend of wearing out their personalities? try following those paragraphs!

Tall boots for sale
Classic Tall Boot And jeans is best partners, show personality will such wearing take has! Brown of leather and detailed of carved let Bailey Button UGGs child very IN Oh! side zipper design very intimate! a full black of dress up match a section Leopard sheath playing DIKU very Rob mirror 's! black of UGG Classic Boots, side zipper design, long strips of Bailey Button UGGs with, fine work let you gas field full! now is popular this "Shang wide Xia narrow" Wear law: thick coats put on a short dress and matching boots pants &UGGs Boots, thin and tall! this pair of Brown Classic Boot just added elastic in one ' s bloody mouth position, both warm and let you be easier!

Cardy boots cheap
Such of commuter dress up is many OL are like of match way Oh! jacket to are loaded said one, Xia loaded match leisure trousers and UGG Classic Boots, both combination let you has rich charm! Yes! to wanted to in winter wearing was explicit thin and high pick, will such wearing has! fear cold of women can told vest replaced a pieces down jacket Oh! match Shang this double wide Cardy UGG Boots slightly frosted leather Classic Boot is very good!


Spring/summer 2012 UGG five significant popular element

From New York to London, from Milan to Paris, spring/summer 2012 four fashion week came to an end, Chaozhou people looking forward to the coming next spring has numerous annual fashion week will give me a different feeling of fresh, so while we watched from close to trend, fashion for reference. Today our online inventory 2012 Classic Boots top ten popular elements in spring and summer, they will be spring and summer of next year's hottest pop points.

Women UGG Classic Boots
Dressing gown by glittering sequins elements, surfaces with broken gold shining light flashes, combination of yarn quality of light transparent fabrics and elegant silky wrinkle silk fabrics, fresh and there is no lack of noble, sexy and elegant.

From national wind psychedelic to traditional flowers, flowers to decorate clothes for us just in the past, and this year the show you will find not only of Teng have petals and green leaves of plants or nice as a pattern so that Cheap UGG Classic Boots For women no longer alone, after all, green leaf-lined red flowers are the most beautiful.

Decorative skirt elements are characterized by this season are not buttons, nylon material lighter and well-pressed, from the chest to the waist, slowly went down the line, in the most slender waist line following is petals the same feminine waist GATHERING. These folds so that a woman can freely breathe without fear of hitting below the ups and downs, can be regarded as on the female body the most poetic gloss it over.

Cheap Classic Boots for women
Passion Orange jump from the fall and winter of animated summer brings to brilliant and spring needle one might think that, in the afternoon sun glare, and makes instant emotional fired up, a single Orange enough tension, gives warm feeling, if you want to join the affinity of a few minutes for a few minutes, you want to dress up as neighbors sister, you can select the UGG Classic Boots printed Orange Oh.

White UGG Classic boot is the best foil against the stars shining light. It embodies the noble and elegant women's temperament, also can use the details to reflect elements of fashion. In fact, wearing white Classic Boots girls, can be a Princess.


UGG Tall Snad Boots for sale

Classic Tall Boots

Summary winter UGG Classic boots several large dressed points years to winter UGG Clasicc boots fashion seemed means a large plate, increasingly more to Keyword a effort touch does not to clue, actually years winter UGG Classic boots to set combination has various different era to classic elements, from era to era, to. let we side nostalgia side see fashion. new uniforms style double row buckle coat green color double row buckle coat undecided price high with sandals sweet to dressed in this year to popular stage in the occupy with a I location,But a lot of girls are not willing to try too much, because of the bad dress to suspect there will be a load tender, don't worry, here let us come together to learn. This refers to classical China bearing dress, UGG Classic Tall wool ugg boots green pretty love there is no hiding place.

If beauty were has see had winter love song to words, should on inside efforts imprint on one's mind to love special moved, UGG wool Classic boots Association think winter should means romantic to ambience. so, UGG on means best to select. but has to beauty and will think winter wearing UGG too cold has, following I to for members describes to UGG are means insulation sexual strong to hair cashmere, let you a entire winter are can in both warm and romantic to feelings Xia spent. tiered to set highlight has lively to us girls bearing, thick thick to hair cashmere create has special soft to touch , Softly like snow. Official website naturally wear UGG Classic Tall in the pelvis, staged layered with folds, forming a wavy line, elegant happy. each is not the same length, have a particular sense of rhythm, to maximize female beauty. UGG to length only to knee above, on is leg more slender. ash color means this winter to first fashion color, regardless of means t stage, also means shop in the, Association appeared [ash color] to figure, therefore popular to you how can missed does. but means ash color if dressed improper will is old, therefore edit to you some small recommendations, help you using ash color playing pretty this winter. the whole body to ash color dressed often will is square, plus a section bright to sweater chain on new year's day quickly on to has, Festive mass-happy Earth. wear UGG Classic boots with what China's official website, dressed what kind of accessories for the most appropriate atmosphere which happily. this carefully prepared for you a new year a week total body dressed up, allowing you to easily go to the party, no longer have to worry about what clothes to wear. dressed in black and white classic, colored skirt of high national colors in the color

More UGG Classic boots the latest highlights, please click here to read, website: http://cardyuggsboot.com


Nicer would that have looked on a Hockey Jersey

Black fоr the Kings works, for the Islanders, I'm not sure. They muѕt bе trуing to look likе thе Mets or something. I have heard thе isles wіll be dоіng sоmеthіng with а black Cheap Hockey Jerseys, I dо want tо make a point that the NY Mets hаve the sаmе colors as the Islanders рlus black. They make іt work аnd havе made it work for years, mаybе thе Islanders will go wіth sоmеthіng that takes hints frоm a Mets jersey. Actually imagine this, tаke thе Islanders road white jersey, now make white black. аnd tаke the Islanders original helmet decal from whеn they introduced the nоw home Tampa Bay Lightning Jersey (Islanders іn script) aсroѕs the front wіth thе Islanders crest on the shoulders. I саn't imagine that lookіng terrible.
First of all, I'm a Vancouver Islander ѕо I'm pretty pumped abоut thе WHL coming to Victoria. The logo's pretty lame. I like thе nаmе (in fact, I voted for Royals) beсause іt suit Victoria verу wеll аnd іt's unique іn thаt thеrе'ѕ so few Vancouver Canucks Team Jerseys wіth thе name. I also felt likе thе name hаd a lot of potential for а unique colour set аnd logo. Obviously, thеy kind of dropped the ball оn thе unique front. I'm able tо оvеr look thе Cheap NHL Jersey ѕіnсe it seеms to just bе а place-holder but blue, silver, and black? Come on! I wаs hopping fоr ѕomething a lіttle mоre original lіke purple аnd gold. With LA gоіng back to black аnd silver, thе Royals would be the only team with thіѕ colour scheme. Actually, I thіnk theу'd bе the only team with purple, period. In the leagues I follow, anyway.
I'm disappointed by the colours but the logo's almоst aѕ bad. It's sо busy. Drop the wordmark аnd thе maple leaf and іt would bе а оkаy logo. We're part оf the CANADIAN Hockey League and your team's called the Royals - I'm guessing your from Canada! There's аlrеady tоо mаnу teams wіth maple leafs оn them. Some originality please! And I'm nоt а fan of wordmarks on logos but I'm reallу not а fan of wordmarks thаt аre boring. Like ѕоmeone elsе said, if уоu nееd a wordmark, at lеаst make іt a lіttle mоrе heraldic looking. Simplifying thіs logo wоuld gо а long wаy but, at the ѕamе time, mіght make іt loоk mоre likе the Royal Bank logo. Again wіth the unoriginal!
I don't think thе logo's bad. I agree wіth most оf the people аbove mе that I'd likе it bеttеr withоut thе wordmark оn thе front аnd I would've likеd tо havе sееn a Blue Jays Jerseys design, though thе white version will hаve to bе unique, will іt not? Unless thеy pick аnоther winnipeg jets Home jersey frоm a different, non-matching set. The Maple Leaf tattoo оn thе lion's shoulder would bе bеtter if it wаsn't on there...or if the MLB Jerseys reflected іt (red maple leaf shoulder patch wіth Kansas City Royals-like "Royals" script аcroѕs іt maybe?). It's nоt bad аt all, but it'ѕ nоt great either. It lооks likе іf thеy hаd an extra month іt wоuld bе great, but I guess deadlines аrе deadlines.


Recommended classic Classic Boots

Classic Tall
Boots color in autumn and winter as not color in spring and summer, but bought a Classic Boot, it is the essential thing for autumn and winter. Givenchy's Classic Tall Boot series, has been well received by celebrities like the blessing, the contours of Boston package neutral style package, its solid box-shaped curve design adds sense of design. This season, designer in autumn and winter in to mention zipper on metal inlay, or in solid arc is labelled a metal ring, annotate metal rock and roll style. Men rarely use UGG Classic Boots, there are 4 UGG Classic Boots is the ultimate classic men may not know UGG Classic Boots. Following an integral part of small series to introduce you to the men's ultimate UGG Classic Boots.

UGG Classic Boots designed by designer UGG Boots not only continues the consistent style of UGG Boots--Chun shuai free, more male UGG Classic Boots is the latest trend of new indicators for high taste men Shi to create another favorite. In fact, as early as ad years, UGG Boots on the establishment of the costume shop and be well known throughout the world, therefore, has become the unique logo of UGG Boots dress. Nino UGG now Boots again very meaningful as UGG Boots UGG Classic Boots series first men set off a trend, his unique design style like clothes like UGG Boots, UGG Classic Boots is elegant and full of scholarliness of the interpretation of men. He has a good educational background, work and conduct, is a standard typical of males. UGG Boots UGG Classic Boots to launch immediately won the annual package design awards, let the breath of the UGG Classic Boots with you with sweet and sour lemon walking in Italy's streets!

Acqua di GIO men and sweet fragrance and skin integration, close to coming out like a fragrant with fresh, bold using a variety of new fragrance, take on a different style, more prominent it beyond doubt and masculinity. Bottle packaging picked a m color purity of shape, match detail of metal bottle caps with integrated power and beauty, and the elegant showcase men's fashion sense; matte matte body is fresh and emotional, perfectly set off ARMANI style.


Early winter irresistible fresh mix

ugg classic short
In early winter and the oncoming, aesthetic match this season, not only on the beautiful, is important not to ignore the warm and thin, a short, refined UGG Tall Boots, a beautiful dress, specially second mashup, that is layered and taking surplus attractive clothing. Hold this coat feel that warm, comfortable soft UGG Short Boots, soft and delicate, brought to you feel better, detachable design are free to choose, slight shoulder pads designed to facilitate practical pocket, retro single breasted was to surprise you.

uggs tall boot
Polo collar design, is PU material with comfortable plush mosaics above, brings touch of comfort, sleeves and the body has a mosaic of PU material, skirt design of oblique zipper, are all increasing the overall sense of bead shape. In autumn and winter, the streets are to be found all kinds of UGG Tall Boots, smart match out of a variety of styles. The cold weather, temperature also grace. Xiaobian recommended several autumn UGG Tall for us, clever mash prepared for cold, warm feet gas field.

Loose UGG Short Boot, black fabric, neat fabric, gives a very cool feeling, rounded lines the lower hem of a gown, showing a very relaxing leisure colour, fluffy fur elements of Polo, more luxurious atmosphere. Black and white Tweed fabric coat, slightly charming retro atmosphere, relaxed straight-tube version, an unbridled sense, is very easy to wear, fashion, UGG Short Boots, gives a very luxurious fashion. Chilly wind swooped down on the Earth, to be a freezing winter beauty, even without the summer the Sun is shining, but there are also romantic snow of winter with you before, prepare several losing tweed coat, more thin Ho Miu Ling Nethersole United States use.

Exquisite short lines UGG Classic Tall Boot, deep color, full of elegant color, exquisite short model, wore very able, slightly cropped styles of your waist so more slender waist line, reflecting the enchanting Lady wind. Flowers little UGG Classic short boot elements, delicate, small collar, full of charming atmosphere of the able, short of fine solid modelling is very smart in the able, skinny cropped, make the line more clearly defined and extremely capable of color. In autumn, with a pair of UGG Classic short boot, not only can improve temperament, also dressed in a slim posture. Minimalist styles, fresh mix of giving people clean elegant feel, deeply affected people. Xiaobian recommended for everyone some UGG Classic boot, late autumn dress up matching, wild skinny high in popularity.

Rabbit hair element people can't help falling in love with at first sight, retro fashion. Small wind in Europe and America, Delta short skinny design, high quality and material, easily captured people's hearts can be stylish with simple wear take. A mixture of types, convergence waist, attractive figure show. Neutral strong handsome atmosphere, star full fan, creating cool, skilful, playful little American girl. Match UGG Classic boots with shades, styles of love.


Early autumn romantic take on the Classic UGG Boots

ugg classic boots

Animal prints and color design element is the big favourite, both quality and sense of design, is in the window display attracted the eye of the talisman. Pythons of the spring and summer of UGG Classic Boots not only combines the classic style, more Python skin color and printing to new heights: Python skin color and texture of the original plus pop of color blocks and corrugated, flashed out rich and attractive look.

New UGG Classic boot is at first sight. Charm of its unique, distinct from the traditional woman full of Classic boot. That is just soft design, bloom a unique neutral attraction. As the Ugg Classic Tall said: "at the appropriate time to do the right thing. "Regardless of the shoulder or oblique carry, UGG and courageously show its maverick side; but at the same time, it also to pass on the brand essence. Karl · lagefei this "-boy charm" gave a new interpretation: "Ugg Classic Tall Jersey had male underwear knitting fabric design dresses. She's boy-like attitude, in fact it is Chanel spirit. Ugg Classic Tall from the impact of her life loving cobber boy and with such an attitude; and that's just explains why this new Classic boot named UGG. 

This spirit has just soft tone of it is this new Classic boot. It inspired the Hunter loading of Ugg Classic Tall, and Ugg Classic Tall had been back in a similar style of Classic boot. UGG line clean design pondering a Chanel classic elements. It low-key introverted, slightly boy temperament, can two species way free carry, personality full of metal chain and large round chain ring convergence, disseminated with retro sense of bronze metal texture; rectangle clamshell to car sutures ornaments edge, in Classic boot top side UGG six a letters slightly convex floating; package buckle of design inspiration originated from structure doctrine inspired, both silver metal and ancient gold of color, lock buckle is is located in package buckle median, raised on legend Chanel of unlimited eager to.

UGG Classic boot high quality calf leather with elegant simplicity, texture and delicate and smooth, the introduction of a variety of different size and design: from small Ugg Classic Short, extra large Classic boot.Whether dark red or black full lead-grey, green or Light ivory, all subtle tones and meticulous, with Quattro in the United States. Ugg Classic Short's charm is that match well can have a different feel, so if you buy a Ugg Classic Short prepared winter beauty, we must make good use of Ugg Classic Short style to match, which give us some advice, beautiful neutral style, everyone try it.

Very special of party led design, geometry modeling of fashion sense super strong, suddenly for this pieces clothes added a few minutes able, scapular to clavicle of lit tablets decoration Visual sense very better, oblique zipper, more is added a few minutes cold, hem does not rules of micro-has open fork, on both sides of has false pocket, perfect repair waist, such a paragraph mosaic paragraph classic short boots, has cannot speech of handsome. Locomotive Ugg Classic Short is a type of woman you want to start with only one, simple form, but certainly not simple is simple, either matching casual Ugg Classic Cardy boot or the elegant dresses are the perfect fusion, enduring, and always gives stylish impression.

High-grade PU fabric itself can be very good on the overall shaping of body size, coupled with the ergonomic cut and segmentation, adult can be a foil-backed dancer, working behind the big feature is your body trim design, with good moral character effect, unfettered, cool, leisure real loading lift spirits. Join lace design full women's unique retro charm in the Ugg Classic Short, round neck style comfortable dignified, matching jeans just as skinny, mashup upper body skirts can create fashion OL able image of good Oh! A luxury Bing Bing Fan of the star also love this collar styles, mashup striped vest is not fat, bunt effects makes you look more handsome.

Equally suitable for jeans mix put on a bright spirit of Ugg Classic Short is not suddenly looks a lot? Mix and effect of Ugg Classic Tall relaxed and natural, comfort was also praised. Ugg Classic Short take a casual check of Ugg Classic Short boot looks very beautiful feeling, on Leisure Garden mix and match a small knitted hat unique style sure to make you become the focus.


International fashion UGG Classic Boots

ugg short boots
2011 fall/winter women's UGG Boots trend analysis: retro low tide wave point continued popularity, you want to go in front of the trend, the Classic Boots is a new major brands have to watch. From those in the work of top designers, we can't help but touch the latest trend elements, fall/winter 2011, retro, is still popular, the wave hit, along with what is worth looking forward to it?

Trends 2011 Winter Classic Boots: UGG Classic boots

UGG Classic boots,UGG Classic boots! you may have seen it many times in the past, you are also likely to see them appear in the future, but this autumn and winter, designers on polka dots of brilliant deduction, will never make you feel bored. General dot beads embroidered on the cut gauze, feelings of outpouring of young girls. UGG Classic Tall boots, and UGG Classic Cardy boots, UGG Classic Short boots, socks sth Showing his dot "from beginning to end" craze, but the body wave mix is no sudden feeling. Lanvin, YSL marked by dignified and elegant brand, following suit on the instructions of the polka dot design, adds a little lively was intended. M new fall/winter 2011 series will present to us such a landscape: basic ' UGG Classic short bootsUGG Classic Cardy boots, UGG Classic Tall boots for zhongguizhongju, you could not even found in the series of "theme"--you know love the most is the "theme". However, instead of a pattern of collisions, like the wallpaper printed the whole body are, Daisy stack of little Daisy.
uggs cardy

UGG Classic Boots color matching

Bright vivid colors from the spring and summer of this year has been continued into the fall and winter, the designers created large areas of color styling to get people's attention from fashion moves. Piet Mondrian-women UGG Classic tall Boots back on show, and color matching, dark green, Brown design with autumn and winter atmosphere. Is rendered on the show the high contrast black and white loose coat and matching trousers of ultraviolet tint, bringing innovative, coordinated color, let lazy autumn live together. Frequently appears in this quarter of mixed materials design enables women to fashion new requirements. Show show the "more is better" concept, almost every design is a combination of different colors, patterns and materials, with high level and texture. Fusion of leather and cloth patterns appear in the design, but UGG was joined in the Lampshade dresses designed on three ideas, UGG Classic Boots sews beautiful spathe, people cannot help but think UGG Classic Cardy boots. In addition, there are many accessories also adopts mixed materials design make this autumn day more colorful and fun. The sea breeze, intense red 2011 early autumn holiday series of ladies ' wonderful an amount. Skinny cropped leather UGG Classic boots and a white shirt to wear, naked straight slender legs and Red handbag-black suit collocation once again let people indulge in the classic charm of the color scheme.
ugg Tall boot

UGG Classic Tall boots women able and sexy looks

When it comes to "Le smoking", who can do better than the UGG? trimmed neat and there is no lack of detail all white suits, women is both able and sexy. Instead, build the black UGG Classic short boots, might as well just like t-models dressed, bow tie, white shirt, waist seal, elegant long skirt, red lips, red earrings sth Such a composition just showed women unique and charming. If you want to prove that such a "suit look" is the winning model, look at the Hollywood actress you know. When they attended the presentation ceremony is in a black and white suit modeling fans down the field for all, in all the clothes of a female stars stand out. More women in the workplace can try such dress up, go to work can also be "Chao"! in this autumn and winter, women always want to put on your boyfriend or husband fantasy can have a good implementation of suit jackets. UGG Classic tall boots also very trend. Winter weather makes the designers start thinking about design with practicality, can warm windbreaker, and let the dust coat combines luxury taste, so that people can even wear to dinner. A this season "outdoor" Super show, to a mixed hit the UGG Classic Short boots and cloak design style opening, "coat" joined the definition of a new note.


Natural Cheap Ugg Classic Boots for women

In this hot summer, most to escape non-blue be the color, Ugg Classic Boots definitely gains this quarter the strongest fashion "Storm", is the most favourite items today all girls, fresh fashion of nature expressive of overall it becomes all the more with the free and easy, absolute and ultimately this summer, come from Amoy Gardens. Ugg Classic boots and so a simple pair of ligation to become the international big-time and let nature take its course the superstars who preferred items, a mixture of adding leisure, upper body comfort full marks.Washing of the Ugg Classic boots, bring out the smell of summer, seaside skirt swaying you should remember to take this already stunning Ugg Classic boots on, suihua package adds colorful atmosphere. Ugg Classic Boots casual sense of vibrant, Denim Blue Ugg Classic Boots gives casual comfortable feel, matching fashion hats caps but also make people feel more friendly.

Lineage dual Pocket neutral wind, taking the outer wear fashion and generous, sleeve buttons shell nosing, skinny cropped and wealthy curved hem all appear to be so free and easy, neat. Understanding-lovely wrinkle puff sleeve shirt, shoulder fold puff sleeve design, fabric without elastic, cuffs Decorative bows, wear out a lift can easily build elegant princess intellectual temperament. Fresh and pleasant Ugg Classic boots, fine lines, exquisite workmanship, loose design, coupled with the star of the rivet decorated with a lovely woman. Highlight the temperament of a summer of retro bags, dapper, retro-minimalist package, big shield with pierced design, fruit color colour matching, very sweet, delicate, particularly people like Ugg Classic boots, vintage feeling of luxury, exquisite fine lace edge, very lively and a sense of inspiration. This is a paragraph this year summer large love of package paragraph, sweet lovely of fruit color mosaic hit color, is this year summer package paragraph of main fashion color, stereo England style package body, Ugg Classic boots, metal hanging falling, also has package cover edge of lace modified, greatly upgrade has package package of sweet of, retro simplicity, elegant generous, fruit shades of select, regardless of is mature OL or lovely sweet girl are has a paragraph for.

Japanese and Korean styles contrast color colour matching the training package, very atmospheric unique stereo package, simple able, angular, and square open package body color and big packages are covered in sharp color contrast color  effects, coupled with metal buckle, fruit color use, unique and perfect. A stylish summer bag full of Chinese elements: Oh, sweet fruit color in line with such colorful summer season, exquisite and bring some European and American street styles of metal accessories, big Pack cover edge is modified with hand-woven, the streets of leisure. School of style-colour matching the UK chain package, small and exquisite, retro England package, bag greatly inclined carry leisure clamshell design of small packages, sweet fruit shades, perfect detail work in suihua chiffon shirt match elegant, soft, Super fairy Oh, stroll the streets together with love Ugg Classic boots, enjoy your super high heads turning.


80 's fashion resurgence

In the 80 's, UGG Classic Boots the emergence of the thick shoulder pads start to appear, hard exaggerated shoulders make a woman "strong". Women need to compete with men with exaggerated UGG Classic Boots, enabled "Superwoman" is ready. Continuing from fall/winter 08 80 fashion, is still played an important role in the season, UGG Classic Boots under the stylish packaging, has become representative of avant-garde movement.

In the early 80 's was a large shoulder pads coats popular stage again. Sluggish economic climate we still need some people's eyes light up things is back, enjoy and ostentatious life, spring/summer release gives the best answers.

Designer to the 80 's style has given their ideas. Female lines will draw men down a line of soft, waist line position improved, and the UGG Classic Boots are able to add female independent strong feeling. Worthy of note is to choose gorgeous, draping fabrics of excellent, making very strong sense of flow lines, waist line location promotion, more vision Center focused on the shoulder, waist is raised jackets are often transferred to build the best. With strong stone washing UGG Classic Boots combination of luxury and stale remix together. Broad and slender, still adhere to embody women soft in comparison and fortitude.

UGG Classic Boots is a must-have item in our life, especially in the summer UGG Classic Boots has become the protagonist of every girl in the wardrobe. Since Obama's head UGG Classic Boots appear vividly in the t-platform raises the UGG Classic Boots fashion boom this year figures, personality of the character designs, simple and UGG Classic Boots style, sexy or cute or express your personality style.

Modern one's an eraof the MaxMara fashion UGG Classic Boots collocation, UGG Classic Boots character patterns on shiny red dress caught all eyes, minimalist black and white packed with its unique sexy, cotton fabric and stitching sequins large contrasts of texture to better highlight the success of printing effect, your personality refers to the new favorite Oh. You will think own enough handsome did? will think own enough sexy did? wanted to change you has always lovely of style did? a sexy of character t-for you resolve, own wearing does not out of feeling in clothing Shang better of reflected, it of handsome and character, you is has was it fans pour has does? loose comfortable of large UGG Classic Boots most suitable however has, full Hei sense of character printing decoration monotone of white t-, within take a black and white lattice sheath of pencil pants highlight levels sense, suddenly vitality youth up. Whether you are out shopping or appointments, push off a pair of UGG Classic Boots can set off, show your fashion charm.

Lovely Korea illustrations seen on the UGG Classic Boots is not a lot of girls dream of things that, on this lovely dot UGG Classic Boots, coupled with a simple illustration, clear stroke of SUMI, water quality, life-like effect as if which girl painted a watercolor illustrations in your creative cute UGG Classic BootsMaxMara Super t-shirt, minimalist design style is the most popular style of this year, handsome beggars on the self-cultivation of pencil trousers decorate streets wind you climax, matching metal rivets Gladiators UGG Classic Boots on, show your personality is better.


UGG leading the fashion, opening up the unique boots family

UGG Boots brand as a Palace of world class is already in the international market for more than 50 years, global footprint. UGG brand takes sole charge of exquisite quality and original writing style, well received by Europe, Japan, Hong Kong love to young artists. UGG continues to lead the fashion in this quarter, opening up the unique Boots family, achieve each woman heart retains a dream fantasy fairy tale.

UGG for fall/winter of fur, precious stones, metal material characteristics to maximize, to abstract imagination, tempting mix of materials, loaded with emotional design creates lifelike images one by one, people mubuxiajie. In a world where UGG can achieve shortest distance and fairy tale Kingdom. Designer's bold originality combined with the best quality leather and superior technology, dexterous texture soft, all parts can respond to the pace of body movements and dreams, as subversion of the traditional set of new style example. UGG for its exclusive fantasy series, let us away from the city bustle, through time and space of the chains, find outside the city looking for tranquility of mind pure land, swim in the surreal world of fairy tales.

UGG for fall/winter theme "Bailey button boots", mushroom shape cute, colorful, multicolor and expensive of calf skin, delicate use of "edge" skills to build out a vivid mushroom shape. Package around the body by cutting flowers and green grass, makes you immediately feel at "UGG Bailey Button boots" fairy tale world. Mushroom fun to dress up a woman never loses its innocent personality, innovative model brings me to the design of the ingenious mind of exaggerated everywhere the fresh breath of autumn and winter.

Bailey button Boots using the expensive fur, designers make extensive use of splicing technology, exquisite Italy originating accessories embellishment, a vivid Bailey button meet the eye. It has a dense woolly fur, tails as a toorie, looked serene, seemed ready to taste the hard nut.

Green Dragon style is pure and bright, a rare snake skin and soft-skin run, and each other, Python leather brought women's unique enchanting, delicate mosaic of superb, shining like dazzling Crystal touch gives green dragon soul, as if a little green dragon ready to fly.

Everyone should have at least a pair of Ugg Classic Tall Boots

Now write Ugg Classic Tall will be too late? Because it has been red for too long too long at least 3 or 4 years? It made me hesitate a little, write or not to write. Not late because, it finally entered the China this summer, Xidan, Beijing joy city, it is said that this year will be in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and so on and so on. I never thought it would come to China, since it came this year, so I started writing I never thought I would buy my first pair in the domestic Ugg Classic Tall boots, it is clear that it comes in faster than I went to the United States to buy faster. Some people ask why I did not purchase, or simply looking for mother to buy it. I think that I can with my little cleanliness because it's not as just a pair of ornate or jiaoyang Lamping pretty high heels, it is UGG, Martin, and black Ugg Classic short boots Is, I think there must be at least a pair of my life. UGG Classic BOOTS, even more than a double. They are wild, and as wild as possible set strict demands, and the more demanding. This is my life small principles, I think.
Bought this pair of classic tall boots, also has experience of the road to happiness full of hardships. Do not know whether UGG too fire, or he might as well say it's hanging our appetites. Fox and I have got the inside information, know it on August 25 in Xidan joy City store was to always buy what the most appropriate size and the color style. Results in the 3 seconds I tangled? The color or the size I want I want all sold out. This is a shop on the first day! Or an hour. Then register, leaving the name phone, finally get what they want to wait until it comes a few days ago. Long before the Columbus, Native American Indians had been wearing soft shoes. In a sense, the first pair of soft shoes are Americans wear shoes. Ugg is the outstanding representative of this style boots. Since its founding in 1946, mini Thangka laid a soft leather shoes in the history of soft leather shoes. Simple sth Classic design never out of date. Mini Thangka soft leather shoes continue to represent the American leisure and comfortable lifestyle. Each pair of UGG shoes are hand-sewn, it is different from other shoes is that: it wasn't the shoe manufacturing, so soft and comfortable shoes, jointed foot; its selection is not limited to the quality of goat-skin, deer hides and rare moose skin material, and each pair of shoes can be completely folded in half.
OK, back to the main character! I also don't understand what its scientific name, but is the style of Ugg Classic, I bought UGG Classic Tall Sand, and brown-red and black. Fox selected is brown-red. Search brains I like those in Europe and the actress Foto, I think everybody must cross the cross through it, as it is classic. Casual distribution white tee denim shorts can go out, it's United States. Put a hat and the UK, with a colored socks may be Japanese. Few days ago, a girl in the microblogging messages and I said, I do not know what it should match, so let's distribution today!
Ugg boots can be very moving, known for comfort, driving fashion. What distribution is not a problem, is how this because distribution can do, honey never sporty girl, sports is the all results in which the worst. Occasionally, but would inevitably have to get up early and father morning exercises, but most garments do not participate in the campaign. Haha
Ugg boots casual of casual Fan Er a white tee and denim shorts wearing a necklace will be felt not to each other too much sense of oppression with FU haha! Ugg what distribution is not a problem, because it really can put on your left. That's why I said you must have at least a pair. Put on you can go. My Fan Er UGG a suit a large shawl casually around, makeup or no make-up is very nice. When the parts you can increase your gas field when, then it's clothing is boots ~~~
In addition to the shorts, skinny leg jeans or Candy colored jeans, and various colored socks, are ugg boots good lover! Classic Boots for themselves in the Bohemian Fan Er. I love all kinds of chiffon, maybe I should wear a headscarf. Haha foreigners throughout the year through ugg, we're here few wear boots in the summer, when in fact, I think spring, did a cartoon tee shorts a pair UGG Classic Tall Chestnut, it is perfect. I love my themselves in the Bohemian.
Any old Fan Er UGG. Help yourself to a TEE a skirt, it's nice. Because Ugg Classic Boots is really too good ride, you do not want to. Take pictures when I can't be bothered to wear trousers, otherwise you can always, always match. You can construct a small dress, skirt even yarn, as long as you want. So don't think about it how do distribution, it can be up to you how distribution. Like in mahjong "while" as universal. A-HA!
Distribution out of my own, spell a star map as well. In fact, what kept you from it and not found, but I think the Ugg Classic Boots charm. Because it is how to wear casual in Nice. Wild truths here. Well, this match has to end here, in fact, the long winters will coming soon, you will see that I wear it, has been wearing it until spring. Comfortable, well furnished, stylish. I think it is also sold in stores sold out of a wave after wave of reason. Complimentary maintenance cards in the shoe box, know that many girls are earlier than honey, haha! But if no examined maintenance content with this card! Take good care of your every two UGG Classic Tall Black. Maybe we can't imagine life period of Indian people, but thanks to fashion, so that we can wear their boots. Than through the TV series, crossing the classic ugg boots we love even more.


UGG Classic Short Sparkles in autumn and Winter Boots

UGG Classic Short Sparkles Boots
Green Classic Short Boots good harmony, a font's profile waist belt design, sketching out female characteristics of slender waist, wide collars can fit some shoulder not so pretty beauty girl, take high neck knit shirts very temperament, lower body lift in a dark diku OK, this item very well take suit. X-type design allows the entire body is tall, built by khaki UGG short boots is a major attraction, vertical sense of full line of whole-body able fine match with a trace of feeling. Collar coat chic lotus leaf design adds a lot of fashion sense, this mix of classic notebooks Oh don't forget your secret.

Khaki color of UGG classic short boots certainly will is a very explicit temperament of fashion single products, 7 min sleeves of design can highlight you thin of arm, vertical vertical of texture full display has female of soft sense, Xia take a tight cowboy is also a is good of select, just small series recommendations within take a slightly light of knitting shirt, certainly levels sense will more rich some, you think does. Cheap UGG Classic Short Sparkles Boots are lovely girls Wardrobe Essentials, package design of hip girls especially cute, Waist belt design in cold but also highlights the sexy girls, cotton material will always make people feel very comfortable. Even short UGG Short Sparkles Boots really designing a unique, pleated skirt hem, double breasted design is really good eye, especially the shoulder approach reflecting cute at the same time giving a woman capable of feeling, which tide women don't want to have this baby.

Bordeaux's Classic Short Sparkles even groups take the Boots with black, colors feel is crisp, first impressions will give customers a feeling of vitality, skinny, the atmosphere outside the Pocket design with metal buttons, is there a sense make you feel suddenly see it. Presumably see this pieces single products of female were will was this unique of version type to attract live 's, a, font of profile shaped, double row buckle of design to people to able of feeling, cloak and vest of design inspiration sources certainly will let you eyes a lit Oh, atmospheric of line sense, Xia take tight playing diku also will let you became around attention of focus does, and also is explicit build Oh. Full of cool cafes UGG Short black leggings and Sparkles the match people in addition to dashing to describe, as if there is not any Word can express so appropriate. Big collar button sweater design seems well, shoulder design reminiscent of the ancient Palace of the Federation of aristocratic clothing, smart in full.

Does not take the sweet route, want more straightforward cool and hot, then Cheap Bailey Button Triplet Boots absolutely essential! Skinny tiny feet jeans, wear very comfortable, washed hues are also very natural, lean works well, autumn and winter are wearing thickness practicality has been great promotion of Oh! Handsome design worn tight-fitting jeans, grey mix simple black and white striped shirts in the young, more mature female match very well. Match giving the impression of total body solid blue bold does not seem dull, casual round neck TEE remix 9 min length of tapered trousers shape is very playful. Has been very classic dark gray UGG Bailey Button Triplet Boots, dark gray, more than natural, many women are alone love doing old color, hurry up and buy it!


Autumn and winter fashion ugg Dictionary

Earth color of the symbol if the harvest is in the autumn colors, then during the winter season, UGG Bailey Black is a good choice. This transition between the traditional white and grey colors, and winter sough complement each other.This silver-gray with light emitting fabric made of actions will flow out the texture of light. Never to say the following Bailey Button UGGs confused with Bailey button triplet UGG in your wardrobe, this UGG Tall to be popular not your usual high, stretches for 500 has been at the top to Chin, the texture is soft, knitted fabrics, may also have slightly stiffening look looks like shirts, Thierry Mugler, and Ugg Classic Boots the two high-collar shirt, striking high saturation colors together to steal stole the show. Cheap classic in autumn and winter boots for women successfully voted last year for the base of the most popular items, a comeback of the year and a lot of good quality highlights, it appears that looked most modern and most elegant of wears Act also is ugg boots.

Ugg Bailey button boots in this season CAP is absolutely dominate mobile, although UGG hats to leave a deep impression, and brands such as Burberry Prorsum, and Salvatore Ferragamo's hat is not bad, but still can't compete with Bailey ugg boots ultra high exposure. In an era of people calling for a gentleman returning, how can less UGG Bailey boots for the dress of the whole body modelling icing on it?

No one would deny that the Italy in the Bailey button triplet's contributions, especially in Italy-suit. This suit made of light cotton or linen fabric, more futie of self-cultivation, can build a perfect outline of the man. Many Italy men's brand, year after year continue to develop and improve their own "Italy style". In this quarter, many brands have also contribute in the most authentic Italy UGG snow boots. Get on long scarves are a good choice in the suit, unlike traditional winter scarves, which Italy-style scarf is made of light fabric, very breathable. Men's jacket has always been a must-have item, but this traditional product development up to now, designers have to map unique hobby their men's jacket, jacket so ordinary things can often be the one and only one item. Of course most insurance and that little special is Gucci that spell leather jacket, both the daily wear and are travelling or outdoor Club, will suit up.

While knitting is an old topic, but in the hands of designer's apparently endless stream of playing out of turn.Basically, knitting for any age, whether it is a school of style or the modern gentleman from which the wind can make you simply find the right. Cheap snow boots for women in the autumn/winter show sharply each year, it can be considered most real show wear functional items. On show in the fall/winter 2011, knitting was still large-area applications, fall/winter transition irreplaceable items. Over the years, in the minds of men, leather jackets are foam at the mouth of the item, is the symbol of hormones. In this quarter, many designers are rejected the first two years of locomotive leather uniforms or army coats fur, leather the fabric becomes more gentle tastes.Salvatore Ferragamo and Emporio Armani and other brands have launched a more slimmer classic tall boots, even the famous Rick Owens has been a Ugg Classic boots also launched after fold of UGG classic tall. This "soft" version of the women cheap boots, not just as upheaval seizesthe land, at the same time easy to match, be they wear suits or knitting is a good choice.

As Dandy wind boom wave higher than that of a wave, dressed in their man at last look forward to. Compared to the middle of the last century are extremely elegant Dandy Style, whether it is traditional English-style, or is subsequently born of American, French, for urban men now, it would be over. Now more popular Modern Dandy, based on the Dandy, exquisite and elegant does not change, but in which also joined the young fashionable modern elements, more suitable for men now living and working situation.


Details determine success or failure

Details determine success or failure, the phrase we often heard on the commercial battlefield. However, this statement also applies to the various States of life, the Bailey button boots for a perfect match. We may ignore the details in the daily wear, or too much attention to detail, so that their overall look not less, or superfluous.

A few years ago their colleagues is in Shanghai's leading fashion editor, his greatest pleasure was to every morning sitting in the Office comments on everyone's Bailey button uggs, I of course have often been the one. J comments I had two of the most impressive and once I got all the denim fabric, from jacket to pants, he ran up and I said: "Uncle women's Bailey button jeans distribution is very hard to match, so most of the match was a failure. "Because the sentence, I still do not dare to challenge and mix of denim fabric, while spring and summer of this year the super popular, starting with myself this type of clothing, but returned home or found it hard to manage. Street above the pace of imitators, but most failed. Another comment was that my Bally classic brown red striped hand bag. J to give me advice is: "this style hand bag already looks too conservative, so a little casual clothing clothing should select match so that you do not show people being too dull and no fun. "After these two details of advice, I began to focus on your daily Bailey button triplet, after all, at that time also represent the image of a magazine.

I very much like to see the show of male street, because it gives me a lot of inspiration. So I want to love the stylish Bailey button triplet girls should have the same interests with me. As the tide increases the number of women were wearing, basic match if many LEGO, lacking the play with more details. I think, see more details of this street is a good choice.


Ugg boots past and present

On December 12, 1983, Yves Saint Laurent exhibition fashion critic wrote: "black skirt means simple lines, perfect trim and touch the soul. "The little black dress, little black dress, is both a safe choice, but also to the designer and thesis grade examination. Noble and elegant, simple and wild, but if not exquisite tailoring and superior quality, just an ordinary black Pouilly. Ugg boots is the world's fashion history a great invention, was also handed down classical.

20 of the last century, Coco Chanel wearing a little black dress for the first time attending high society social events. Loose lines outline, dark color of the ink, simple accessories, wearing little black dress she had attracted everybody's attention. Although criticized by social circles at the time as "unorthodox", but the little black dress has quickly around town became famous in Paris. Shortly afterwards, Lanvin, Vionnet and other famous fashion houses have implemented similar models. Remove Shushen clothing, dropped the complicated decoration, without modification of linear contours, low waist line of sth These and those "heiress" by wearing a small waist clothes run counter to the little black dress, skirt, inspired the other aesthetic. Woman no longer "curves" you torture yourself, comfortable, highlight the self qualities, wearing Ugg boots women exude unique charm.

Zhihou, a series of wars from the 30 's, was overshadowed by fashion a bit bleak. However, women have learned to their making clothes with limited cloth. Was since then, symbol of black Ugg boots became a noble. In that age of material lack, everyone can own fabrics limited. Ordinary black fabric easily fade. Therefore, when you can get the quality of black cloth, it even more difficult. At the time, people think wearing a little black dress a woman must not generally. 40 little black dress style is simpler and more practical. Waist often made with elastic brings that could build changes do not have to buy new clothes. High neckline, sleeves are too long, this was a play a protective role, the second is to keep the cold out, avoid using more material to make extra accessories such as scarves, shawls.

50 after the war, first of all, economic recovery in the fashion industry has been responding. As represented by the fashion houses such as Christian Dior,Balenciaga, elegant and fashion style full of female scent back, so does the little black dress has changed. Classics of the Christian Dior New Look design, fonts and slim waist and a skirt reminds people to go back to before the elegant luxury of life. But this does not mean that the old aesthetic again gained the upper hand. Conversely, people's aesthetics more plural. Balenciaga exaggeration of tailoring, makes people see the fashion alternative. Clothes line is no longer only dependent on the human body, and has its own shape and personality. He designed two little black dress, in the community caused a stir at the time.

6, 70, little black dress began to "modernization" in transition. In the 60 's Mary Quant's miniskirt swept around the world are turned into a black, by the then hottest models Twiggy wears. She girls like image and sense of space of the little black dress, representing social aesthetic of that era, also with the history stamp. In 1961, the Tiffany breakfast released starring Audrey Hepburn, she wore in the film beautiful image of Givenchy little black dress, little black dress quickly becomes famous in Hollywood. Marilyn · Monroe is also its biggest fan. In the 70 's, when the young Yves Saint Laurent gave a little black dress such as opium, the deadly sexy. From Japan kimono and Chinese cheongsam draw inspiration, belt painted women with slender lines, to increase the skirt SLIT thigh root, down the necklines. This little black dress, and his Le smoking, become in the 70 's and eventually sexy classic.

The 80 's, the fashion trend of more and more, more and more elusive. Blinding Disco's popularity makes people are fed up with dull black and the so-called "elegant". But at the same time, a group from Japan designers started to reinterpret their unique aesthetics of black. Among them, Yohji Yamamoto for his superb stereo trim technology and Zen "wandering" style conquered the Western fashion. He designed of Ugg boots, with kimono-like "parcel" sense, an excess of level, but has the elusive outline and structure. He used the little black dress wear to mix short boots, also set off a wave of fashion trends. Later he collaborated with Adidas Y-3 brand, you gave a little black dress comfortably and with moving elements of a completely new character. Headed by he, chuanjiu such as REI kawakubo, sanzhaiyisheng Japan Designer, also love unique aesthetic of the interpreted Japanese style with black, and produce different from Western fashion of Ugg boots.

To 21st century as fashion trends to high fashion designer's effects are smaller, each designer is a strong self-style female characters in interpreting what one, more colorful Ugg boots changes. In the last century, the Explorer of level designers, has died, but their brands are still continuing on the legend of the little black dress. From Coco Chanel CHANEL designer Karl Lagerfeld Lady life looking for a steady flow of inspiration, each season to allow people to rediscover the little black dress of another possibility. In the advanced manual workshop series in 2011, he used square full of Byzantine-style mosaic jewelry and gold buttons, color silk thread outlined the classical Oriental Palace atmosphere of the little black dress. Current designers Albert Elbaz of Lanvin, also good at using the trend of modern interpretation brand elegant style. With his elegant chiffon hundred pleats classic interpretation of the one-shoulder dresses, leather gloves and Cape-like upper body design for little black dress of a mysterious hot temperament. The classic Ugg boots, has become essential for every woman in the wardrobe. Female for Hyatt capacity. Both uality, still tender simplicity, whether modern or classical, minimalist or deep, black crony to every woman an opportunity to look at themselves. Remove all vulgar luxury accessories, washing qianhua effect of attitude. Little black dress for women are no longer hiding in full after the mask of makeup and cumbersome accessories. Only a women Ugg boots can show real-life connotations and temperament, and only it can show the real face of a woman the most attractive.


UGG winter foot warm and select

Fully Duckfeet of production in Europe, guaranteed pure blood. Selection of natural high-quality cowhide, after natural tanning and hand-made, which retained the unique structure of the cortex and texture intact so that no two pairs of DuckFeet in the world is exactly the same. Duckfeet since it was born, destined to be unique.
Sole derived from pure natural rubber products, with buffering shock function. Foot can thoroughly interpretation to the meaning of comfort. Can you walk a long road. Whether it's through the bustling city, or idle in the Gallery closed House, is your best partner.

Duckfeet sole sandwich is made of 100% vegetable tanned leather, strong wear. With unique shoe design, ensuring shoes air circulation. Ventilation does not cover their feet, liberty, and the carefree.
Shoes with footwear, 100% is used in Europe producing pure wool, warm and comfortable, soft, smooth, can resist the cold. Foot care and care in every possible way.
Relative to the alternative brand that Duckfeet you're in touch with nature and unique qualities, decently. Designs always seem so accessible exudes optimism, positive, feeling of desire unlimited